The Gulshan Baking Company offers freshly The Gulshan Baking Cobrewed coffee, variation of teas, salads as well as our in-house selection of gelatos, a deli that serves easy-to-grab food options including delectable desserts, as well as fresh-baked bread.


In the vibrant Gulshan neighborhood of Dhaka stands a unique establishment called Gulshan Banking Company, nestled within the Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel. This innovative space seamlessly merges the world of banking with the cozy charm of a café, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere for its patrons.

Throughout the day, Gulshan Banking Company buzzes with activity—a hub where professionals meet for business discussions over steaming cups of coffee, and friends gather to catch up over a quick snack and a transaction or two. It’s a place where the worlds of finance and leisure seamlessly intertwine, creating a haven for those seeking a blend of convenience, comfort, and quality service in the heart of Gulshan.